Measuring success since 1984

DB Surveys was established in 1984 and since its inception the ethos of the company has been to produce surveys that are a true and accurate digital representation of the physical world. Our aim is to build up mutual trust with our clients so they can be confident that the final product is always of the highest standard and employ a dedicated team of highly motivated surveys who, above all, take great pride in their work. 

Our office has a central location and is ideal for working in all regions of the United Kingdom. A key factor to our success is the ability to respond swiftly to any new enquiry, discuss and fully appreciate the clients’ requirements and deliver the final survey on time whilst keeping costs well within budget.

We only use the most trusted survey equipment which is well maintained and regularly serviced and calibrated. For land surveys our powerful survey processing and modelling software suite ensures accuracy and compatibility with third party programmes. For measured building surveys our software allows for real time graphical data capture. In addition, intelligent data such as floor covering, ceiling type, air conditioning and all electrical sockets and data points can be collected at the same time and attached in the form of attributes. This information can be incorporated in building information models or to allow for detailed analysis for facilities management and building maintenance.