Floor Plans

Measured using hand held distos bluetoothed to tablets incorporating real time data capture software. For more complicated structures laser theodolites measure internal features and control the individual floors in order to maintain accuracy and consistency from basement to roof.


Depending upon site conditions and the clients requirements, building facades are surveyed using the following techniques. Laser theodolites to measure the building remotely and from a safe distance. Terrestrial photogrammetry is employed where local conditions make time the essence. Scanning technology where a high level of 3D data is required.


Produced from floor plan data and to the clients’ specific requirements.

Property Measurement

All property measurement reports are fully complaint with the RICS Code of Measuring Practice and International Property Measuring Standards (IPMS)

Lease Plans

Drawn with reference to the current Land Registry Practice Guidelines.

Facilities Management

The collection of attributed data on site to be exported via AutoCAD into database software used for asset management.

Rights of Light

Our surveys can be tailored to the clients’ requirements with regard to the rights of light aspect of a project and can be either 2D surveys or 3D models to enable the production of Waldram diagrams for daylight and sunlight analysis.


3D laser scanning that can produce a point cloud to be imported into AutoCAD or Revit to construct a model of the existing structure.